Are you a positive energizer ? Kim Cameron on how positive energy drives performance

The most important factor in predicting the effectiveness of your leaders is a metric you've never thought to measure. Find a way to leverage it, and you'll increase team performance by a factor of four. 

Organizational development expert Dr. Kim Cameron, co-principal investigator for the Return on Values (ROV) project and a professor with the Ross School of Business at University of Michigan, shares more in this short video.



Positive Leaders Manage Their Mind’s 'Flashlight'

How can leaders get into the right frame of mind to get positive results? Daniel Goleman spoke with organizational psychologist and IMD professor, George Kohlrieser, about how to get into a positive state of mind. This conversation is an excerpt from Daniel Goleman's eight-part video series Leadership: A Master Class.

Comment les leaders peuvent ils entrer dans l'état d'esprit qui favorise l'atteinte de résultats positifs? Daniel Goleman interview George Kohlrieser, psychologue des organisations et professeur à l'IMD sur comment entrer dans cet état d'esprit. Cette séquence vidéo fait partie de la série des 8 vidéos de Daniel Goleman sur le leadershism, intitulée : Master Class.