Talena - Our mission is to make compatible the business and human needs of a company, in order to better achieve the strategic targets


Our know-how ?
Emphasize and develop yours


Why us ?
Enhance your chance to retain competent and motivated teams



Our Passion ?
Putting the individual talents at the core of the collective strategy

We believe that the company success relies mainly on the team's commitment, engaged in the right direction

Our solutions represent domains of intervention: management efficiency, transition, cohesion. These must be customised to your core business, your context and your ambition.





How do you measure the success of a project? When the technical specifications, deadlines, budget have been respected...? Do you consider the speed of adoption of the new system or process by the organisation? Do you also assess the level of utilisation by the teams?

Taking into account the human factors in project management will positively influence these elements. Benefiting from an external contribution in methodology while remaining the expert in your field, will help you to increase the relevancy of your project's realisation and will facilitate its implementation.

The implementation of a change management plan, adapted to your business and HR policy will target enhancing the level of engagement of all the concerned players, from information to motivation phases, relying on specific actions: targeted communication, workshops, pilots, training...





 Having to integrate a new team member, developing the "sens of a team", improving its working mechanisms and therefore its efficiency, boosting the team diversity around a common goal, being able to rely on the strength of its complementarity... remain key issues within the collective performance.

A team cohesion seminar, customised, integrated and followed trough within a managerial approach, will be the opportunity to positively federate the "collective intelligence" of a team or organization, while valueing its resources, successes and potential of accomplishment.

"The team's value is not defined by the simple addition of individual capabilities, but by the combination of their active complementarity". Raymond Chappuis.






You are merging teams with very "distinctive business cultures". You have to federate, on the same project, specialists from different fields of expertise. Your business requires that your team members adjust their communication to a diversity of customers...

While speaking is innate, communicating becomes an art. Increasing the awareness of your employees about the different ways of perceiving the reality and its impact on communication, decision making and behavior. Giving a new perspective and constructive vision to these differences. Demystifying conflicts by referring to the complementarity of these approaches...are accessible objectives by means of workshops using the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument

The Brain Dominance model created by Ned Herrmann in 1976, based on the work of neorologists, attests that each individual has his own way of processing information. Everyone has "a brain dominance profile" that will influence they behavior, way of learning, of working, of managing and communicating. 
Improving team efficiency, employees' level of motivation, quality of customer relationship, goes through improving interpersonal communication.

"Each is right from his own point of view, but it is not impossible that everybody is wrong."  Ghandi 



Have you ever thought of what you would do differently if time would be "money" ?

Learn to steer your priorities taking into account your otpimum operating mode, and the requirements of your environment

Identify and learn to reduce your time and motivation "consumers" 



Your are progressing to a new function. You are embarking on a major project (launch of a company, buyout...). You have noticed that the methods that led you to successes are revealing themselves to be less efficient. You have the intuition that you need to make some adjustments without having yet identify their nature...

What coaching can bring to you ?
-an improved performance.
-an adaptation of your managerial style to better face your new challenges.
-an adjustment of your methods (priority setting, time management, reporting, delegation, communication, employee development...)
thanks to a customised accompaniement focused on your resources in order to put in place your own solutions.

This approach could be completed, if appropriate, by some contributions from managerial trends and practices.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."



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